Configure Github Oauth on Jenkins

We are configuring a Jenkins instance on AWS and would like to use Github Oauth for user authentication and privileges.

A high level overview of our Jenkins setup. The Jenkins EC2 instance is in a private VPC subnet with no public IP address. We have a public ELB that forwards traffic to port 8080 of the Jenkins instance. Lets go through the steps to configure Github Oath on a new Jenkins instance.

Register Github Application

  • Go to your Github Settings page, then Applications.
  • Click “Register new application”.
  • Fill out registration form. Make sure to enter http://jenkins.dns.address/securityRealm/finishLogin for Authorization Calback URL.

Jenkins configuration

Install github-oauth plugin

See the github-oauth documentation page.

Configure Global Security

  • Select Github Authentication Plugin
    • Enter Client ID and Client Secret from the Github Application registration page.
    • Keep the other fields default.


  • select Github Commiter Authorization Strategy.

Github Authorization Settings

  • Admin User Names enter Github username for any administrators
  • Participant in Organization Enter the GitHub Organization name. Any user who is registered with the organization will have job view and build
  • Check Use Github repository permissions
  • Check Grant READ permissions for /github-webhook