Applying PSU to 12c DB on VirtualBox

I have been developing an Ansible role that applies quarterly PSUs to Oracle databases. I’m using VirtualBox and Vagrant to deploy a local VM and run the Ansible role to apply the PSU. The PSU has been working great for 11.2, but kept running into the following error trying to apply the July 2015 PSU to the database home:

Verifying the update...
Make failed to invoke "/usr/bin/make -f ioracle ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/"....'/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ljavavm12
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [/app/oracle/] Error 1

OPatch would try to restore the database home, but it would fail. I would then have to run to get things back how they were before the failed OPatch apply.

NApply was not able to restore the home.  Please invoke the following scripts:
  - restore.[sh,bat]
  - make.txt (Unix only)
to restore the ORACLE_HOME.  They are located under

A few MOS notes suggested that the patch zip file was corrupt and I needed to download a new one. This did not fix the issue. I decided to try downgrading VirtualBox to the previous release. After Downloading, installing and re-deploying the VM, the PSU was applied successfully. I’m not exactly sure what changed with VirtualBox/Vagrant/Oracle to introduce this bug.

For future reference, these are the versions of Vagrant and VirtualBox that seem to be working well for me:

VirtualBox: 4.3.32

Vagrant: 1.7.4